A major advantage of being part of a group of companies is the opportunity to share information, ideas, contacts and innovation seamlessly. As such, we at Akin Olawore & Co. have been able to benefit from our sister company; Rhapsody Facilities Management and adapt to the highest level of environmental compliance. Our sister company is known for ensuring all its facilities dispose of sewage and solid waste in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner possible. This is achieved through their agreement with Mowatek Nigeria Limited which provides specialized Sewage Treatment Plants which recycles waste to easily disposable water. They also have an agreement with GIVO Nigeria Limited which collects, processes and shreds all plastic waste generated from facilities under their management. 

The strides made by our sister company has influenced our internal processes at Akin Olawore & Co. We now encourage the use of emails as the standard means of communication and discourage hard copy correspondences. All our computers are synced to our drobox folders to ensure proper record keeping and continuality, we store more sensitive information such as valuation reports within our internal EVERNOTE network.