Our safety policy tallies with those of our clients, who we ensure their compliance with status regulations in respect to international Industries or Factory laws and safety and environmental protection.

We believe in the comfort of our employees and pointedly seek it in our conditions of employment and engagement.

We therefore as a policy obtain from our clients, the rules in respect of safety and environmental protection controls at their various work sites and endeavor to conform to such measures required to achieve the specified standard.

In addition, the understated policy is to be observed by all staff and subcontractors or all workers of any grade engaged or deployed to any facility, site or field of operation under the control and management of Akin Olawore & Co.

In line with the HSE policy of the company additional facilities and regulations that will be in place for specific field projects will be as follows:

  • All personnel to be deployed must be certified medically fit
  • A medical unit will be established at the control post to attend to serious cases
  • First aid boxes will be provided in field vehicles

A safe, sound and serene work environment is our goal.